9 Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners


I have been blogging for over a year now and I have learnt a few things along the way, most of which I wish I knew from the beginning. So I thought I could post a few simple tips that might help first time bloggers set up their blog, gain more followers, and help enter the blogging community. This has nothing to do with the technical side of things, such as dealing with coding and widgets, but more of very easy to follow tips.

1. What content do you want to make? 

Before doing anything make sure you know what sort of content you want to make. Whether it is makeup, books, movies, lifestyle, just research other blogs who make similar content and see how they do it. You can search for them by using the tags on WordPress. See what sort of posts they make, how their blog is laid out, maybe even what social media they use. All of this stuff will help you.

2. Make sure your blog is user friendly.

Try to make your blog easy to navigate. Add things such as search bars, categories, and about pages to make things easier for readers. Also aesthetics do come into this too as a good looking blog will always help.

3. Join the community!

One of the best parts about blogging is the community, but you can’t just wait around and hope people notice you. Just by following other blogs, liking and commenting on posts and such you’ll quickly join the blogging community. I know commenting can seem a tad bit daunting in the beginning, but it’s honestly quite easy. Just go for it! Soon people will be noticing you, start following you back and, not only will your blog become more popular, you will gain friends along the way who like what you like.

4. Consider using social media.

Social media does help in connecting with your followers and fellow bloggers, and gives you the ability to simply chat with them too. Just having Twitter would make a massive difference! It isn’t necessary, but it will help.

5. Always reply! 

This one is sort of linked to the last point, and it is very important. When someone comments on your blog posts you must always reply to them! It shows you care about their comment and their opinion.

6. Use the tags!

Tags are amazingly useful things as people can search for a tag, for example ‘books’, and then they will find all the posts about books that use this tag. By using tags for every post you make it will make it easier for people to find your content.

7. Post regularly…

This is if you do want to regularly gain more following. I have realised that if you post on a regular basis, say twice a week, you’ll get more followers than if you sporadically post five or six posts over the course of a week and then just don’t post anything the next week.

8. But do not overwork yourself!

I have done this before and made myself post every single day. Not only did I not enjoy blogging anymore, my posts were becoming dull and were not a good quality. One good post is much better than several mediocre ones.

9. Enjoy what you write!

Blogging is a hobby! This is something you’re a meant to enjoy so make sure you actually like what you are creating!



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