6 YouTubers for Down Days

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I spend a lot of time when I’m down watching YouTubers and I realised recently that there are some in particular that I go to when I just feel utterly crap. Some of these aren’t my favourites YouTubers, but they are still the ones I go to on bad days.

To go to their YouTube channels just click their names in bold and it’ll take you straight to their channels.


Carrie Hope Fletcher
Carrie Hope Fletcher is a fellow bookworm who is not only an unbelievably talented musician and actress, she is an author, a Disney lover, and is one of the most positive people I have ever come across, and on a down day positivity is needed.


Jamie Jo

If you like art you should check Jamie Jo out. She is one of those people who has an absolutely adorable personality meaning you want to hug her the entire time, plus she is also incredibly talented. There’s something really therapeutic about watching her paint and make things, and it really does help calm my mind.

Alex Denmon

Alex Denmon 2

Alex has two channels, but I only follow his vlogging one. This is where he films random clips throughout his day everyday. They are quite repetitive, but there’s something about being a part of someone else’s day that reminds me that there’s more out there than just me.

Clevver Style/Beauty Break

Beauty Break

If you want beauty tips from a YouTube show, I would suggest that you don’t watch this. This is basically a show where a couple of hilarious women try out weird beauty and lifestyle products, and quite often they fail miserably. This is a light-hearted show that’s great for when you just wanted something light and fun to watch.



Doddleoddle, or Dodie, is an amazing musician with an angelic voice and a talent for writing songs that are incredibly easy to connect to. Some of her songs are tear worthy, so if you just want sad music in the background while you feel crap I highly suggest her songs. There’s one in particular called Down which makes me cry every time.



Lilly Singh, or Superwoman, is downright hilarious. Her videos about different types of people and her “parents” reacting to stuff are so funny they are bound to lighten the mood, even if it’s just a little.

I hope these help in someway, and, if they don’t, at least you know of some new YouTubers!


New Years Resolutions for 2016

2016 ResolutionsI’m usually one of those people who scoffs at the idea of New Years Resolutions, as not only are they normally the typical sort of things such as losing weight or quitting smoking, but they never really work. If I knew at this time last year I would have my own resolutions I would have thought I had been brainwashed. I haven’t. I’m more desperate than anything else. Desperate for change that is.

Here are my resolutions will hopefully lead me to the change I need:

TRY THERAPY – This is at the top of my list, which shows how important I view this. I have clinical depression and anxiety, both of which I am fully medicated for, but all I have had to deal with it is medication and the support of my friends, family, and boyfriend. But over the past six months I have been slowly considering going to therapy. While before I didn’t really think it would help me, now I think it’s necessary to at least try it.

BE POSITIVE – With depression my thoughts become clouded and dark quite often, sometimes due to the chemical imbalance which is screwing with my brain, other times because my brain is just stuck thinking that way. I want to reduce this darkness a lot so I can be happier.

GO OUT MORE – I have very little drive to do anything. In fact I’m forcing myself to write this so I can actually get these thoughts out of my head. So, as you can imagine, getting myself to go out is a challenge, especially when you add anxiety into the mix. But I want to try and go out more, just so I can say, “I did something today that didn’t involve binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.”

START STUDYING – Over the past two years I have failed at making it to my AS-Level exams twice, due to, again, mental health. This year I want to try again, and succeed at getting to where I want to be.

COMMUNICATE MORE – I’ve always been one of those people who is incredibly lazy when it comes to talking to people and replying to messages. This is even more important since pretty much all my friends are in England and messaging each other is one of the few ways to keep up our friendships. This year I want to at least try and speak to people more.

BECOME MORE ORGANISED – I am a messy person by nature, even though I hate when things are disorganised. It actually makes my anxiety worse too because I like being able to see tidiness and know where everything is. That’s why I need to try and be more organised.

BECOME HEALTHIER – I may be a vegetarian, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I’m healthy. I tend to skip meals and each a lot of junk food, especially chocolate, and with just having Christmas you can imagine how much chocolate I have leftover. Chocolate is my nemesis as I am lactose intolerant, meaning it makes me feel sick and makes my skin break out in horrible spots. So being healthier is needed. I might even exercise too! (I just snorted loudly at that).

BLOG MORE – I enjoy blogging a lot. I love the community, being creative every time I make a post, having something that shows all my handwork. So I want to blog more this year. Or at least blog more than I have been blogging in the last few months.

STOP PROCRASTINATING – I procrastinate pretty much everything, from eating to getting out of bed, and I think that needs to stop. I want to get things done! I don’t want to spend my days doing nothing!

So those are my New Years Resolutions. Some of them are quite serious, but that’s why I created this blog, so I can be brutally honest about my life in hope that writing my thoughts down will help me deal with them.

I want to know if you have any resolutions this year, or at least what your opinions of them are.

I hope you had a great 2015 and have an even better 2016!

2015 vs 2016

2015 for me was the year I wish I could pretend didn’t happen.

2015 for me was the year problems I never knew I had came to the surface and kicked my ass.

2015 for me was the year I feel like I achieved nothing.

2015 for me was the year I lost sight of my future.

2015 for me was the year I lost most of drive to keep going forward.

2015 for me was the year I became a pessimist.

2015 for me was the year I found out how low I can really get.


2016 will hopefully be the year I rediscover unforced happiness.

2016 will hopefully be the year I will gain back the optimism I have lost.

2016 will hopefully be the year I achieve something I was completely unable to achieve in 2015.

2016 will hopefully be the year I become comfortable with all aspects of who I am.

2016 will hopefully be the year I face my problems head on and kick their ass.

Just wanted to say…

Hello!Hi, I’m Alicia.

If you can’t tell by the current lack of posts here, this is a new blog. I have a book blog, Caffeine and Books, where I speak about, well, books. That used to be enough for me back when my life revolved around books, but now it just isn’t.

Over the past year my life has been overturned by many big changes, for example: moving, mental health issues, changing a normal relationship into a long distance one, cutting my waist length hair to shoulder length, and drinking camomile tea instead of just English breakfast tea. All of these were big things for me, and I want to vent my thoughts out through this.

This blog will contain much talk about mental health, moving houses and countries, tea drinking, cruelty free beauty, and whatever else comes to mind.

If that’s your sort of thing then stick around. There’s plenty more to come.

This was just me saying hello!