Ribeauvillé, France


Over a week ago my parents and I decided to go out for the day to a cute tourist village in Alsace, France called Ribeauvillé which isn’t too far away from where we live.

The village is surrounded by the countryside and vineyards making it incredibly – and almost stereotypically – French. There are cobbled streets, small shops selling the usual tacky gifts you take back home after a holiday, interesting architecture, and plenty of tourists. I took my new camera with me to test it out, so here are some of the pictures I took. I’m sorry that they aren’t the best; I’m still learning my way around my camera.

Anywho, here they are!

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So, what do you think of the village? And, more importantly, are my photos OK?



March Favourites 2016!

March Favourites

March has been a pretty good month for me. I got to see my boyfriend again for the first time in a couple months, and we got to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together. It was my birthday too, which was also pretty good.

Anywho here’s some of the other stuff I loved in March…


Scorpion – I found this on Netflix and I got addicted fairly quickly. It’s about a group of geniuses that are consultants for Homeland Security. It sort of reminds me of a cross between The Big Bang Theory and White Collar, both of which are also great shows.

Family Guy – I had never seen Family Guy before March. I know, I know, I’m weird. It’s just something I hadn’t watched before. But now I have and I constantly have it playing in the background when I do anything.

From Eden by Hozier – This song is also something I love having in the background while I do stuff. It’s just so clever and Hozier’s voice is one of my favourite sounds.



19th Birthday! – It was my birthday on March 28th which was scary. Being 19 is weird! It’s my last year of being a teenager! Anywho most of the next things I got for my birthday.

Sensuality by Liiv Botanicals – My boyfriend, Joey, got me this perfume for my birthday. It’s quite light and floral, which I’m usually not a big fan of, but it has a hint of musk which makes me love it.

Canon EOS 1200D – My parents got me this wonderful camera for this birthday and I adore it! Before I was taking photos with my iPhone 6, which was OK, but this camera is amazing! The quality is so much better and it’s making me want to take photos everywhere I go.

Turquoise and silver feather bracelet – This, again, was also a birthday present. It’s just beautiful!



Mint Julips lip scrub – I also got a LUSH gift card for my birthday so I decided to try some new products. This is great for dry lips and it’s minty too!

Honey Trap lip balm – This lip balm is the most moisturising lip balm I have ever tried! Seriously, it’s the best.

Handy Gurugu hand cream – My hands have been so dry recently that they started bleeding. Yeah, it was that bad. But this hand cream has saved my hands! They’re only normally dry now and not so dry that they give the Sahara Desert a run for it’s money.



The Complete Alice by Lewis Carroll – This is the last birthday related present on my list, and it’s probably the prettiest out of the lot! Not only does it have all of the Alice stories in it, it has beautiful illustrations and the edges of the pages are all shiny and red! It’s perfect!

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard – This is my book of the month and it was a great read! I definitely recommend you read the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard if you like similar YA dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent.

I’m going to be talking about the books I read in March on my other blog, Caffeine and Books, so click here if you want to check that out.

Anywho I hope you had a great March and that April is even better!